Heat Treatment

Parks Industries materials are ultra sonic tested before welding and stressed relieved to ensure that exact specifications are achieved. Stress relieving is a process to reduce internal residual stresses in a metal object by heating the object to a suitable temperature and holding for an appropriate time at that temperature.

Fitting & Testing

Hydraulic cylinder components are inspected before assembly begins. Components are checked using micrometers and electronic surface gauge testing equipment, then recorded on test sheets. On completion of assembly, the hydraulic cylinder is fully pressure tested. If transducers are fitted they are electronically calibrated and tested. All data is recorded ...

Surface Finishing

In the design and manufacture of a hydraulic cylinder surface finish is approximately 10% of the manufacturing process. Parks Industries selects the surface finish best suited for the cylinder's environment and application. The most important part of the process is the engineering specifications of the hydraulic cylinder.


The introduction of CNC machine tools has enabled us to offer our clients improved and complex designs whilst maintaining product competitiveness. Benefits of CNC include: Batch repeatability Complex designs/profiling Manifolding and Porting Speed and accuracy


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