Innovation in Motion


The introduction of an in-cylinder linear position transducer is giving operators feedback of cylinder position. They are designed for integration into Parks Industries hydraulic actuators where the transducer is fitted inside the pressurised environment. The transducer uses an innovative design and can provide either an analogue or digital output signal proportional to the cylinder position.

Please see Research and Development to view feedback on transducer performance.



Sealing Solutions

The Western Australia Pilbara mining region is one of the most arduous conditions for mobile mining equipment in the world. The combination of high temperatures and a dusty environment dictate that the best possible sealing arrangement is required to ensure machine reliability. Our engineering department has designed gland and piston modifications while incorporating the highest quality seals available to suit this extreme environment.

Please see Research and Development to view test case in comparison to OEM product.

Dual Porting

Liebherr 996 Clam cylinder fitted with dual port gland and high performance seal design. Dual porting decreases inventory on site allowing the cylinder to be fitted to the left or right side of the clam bucket assembly.


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